Sunday, January 23, 2011

21 is just a number! kn?

21 forever lah!
Eventho late update, yet still my post kn :D
Pejam celik dah 21 umur aku! Haih,makin tua lah weyh. Tp ibu ckp bila nk matang ntah la,haha bukan x matured tp manja dgn ibu je ok! Haha but in ibu’s word “alang yg manja kn diri dgn ibu”. Ok lah, I admit it.
something about me: I was born on 12 January 1990 at 10.25a.m, berat 3point brapa nth. Place of birth H.U.K.L , Ic no 900112-14-**** (nk tunjuk sy org Selangor)haha. Eyes color brown2 skit.*hahahahaha,mix ok!* Hair color black. I have a round face too. Ok la enough, cukup info dah. Oh yes, I got 2 dimple too. Heheh

Treating myself on my day

*tropical corner kt jln mrr2,blh thn tp pedas lah*

tutti frutti

macadamia n fibre cake,tanak beli 1round cake ;)

I already got the key for 21st birthday =) *actly I just knew about this. it's a symbol for 21st celebration,so I googled it and this is the answer: It dates from an old tradition that at 21 years old, you were considered old enough to be a keyholder to your family home, and thus hold a symbolically 'senior' position in the family. It's an old tradition that has long since become irrelevant and obsolete, but the symbolism of the key on the 21st birthday lives on.

nice to know kn?

the rest celebrate dgn ibu n izah je


pwincess AJA said...

akak bru tesedar yg akak dah nk meninggalkan angka 21!
demmit!wase tuaaa seyh!
umi+aqish kawen umur 22.for sure akak xkan follow jejak mereka lah!HAHAHA]
nyesal bukak blog ayu waktu neh!laparrr plak!;ppp

ayu said...

hahaha,,jgn ckp xkn!
kang ttbe je ckp nk susah!hahaha