Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2o already..

happy birthday ayu!!

jan 12,2010 was my day of birth..which is yesterday..means i'm 20 now..emm..happy mmg happy mse celebrate with my dearest frens,ibu+mon,n my adopt family..smpai dpt 2 cake dlm 1 day..heee..mcm celebrate mse zmn kecik2 dlu plak ade cake smpai 2 bijik!! anywy thnx to all yg wish for my d bottom of my heart n i really appriciate tt..(really mean it!!) to those yg lupe next year la plak eh..heheh..n thnx for d chicken soup mon!!luv it so much..will khatam soon!! n d blueberry cheese cake fr ibu was great!!tts wht i waiting for :)) ... tp yg x happy nye..rse mcm da tua sgt je..yela..dlu belas2 da 20 dah!!cm x caye pn ade gak..ibu ckp aft dah msuk 20 rse kjap je...taw2 dah 30 je kang..hahahah...takot ble nk wt cmne kn..reality nye..yg muda akn jd now..bubye

my 1st cake

2nd cake

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